Bob Baker Marionette Theater

A La Mode: A Zine by BBMT (Volume 1)



Organized by Natalia Gaydos and Molly Cox, the very first zine offering from Bob Baker Marionette Theater is now here!

For more than fifty years, the Bob Baker Marionettes have captured imaginations, jumpstarted creativity, and spread joy. Within these pages, you’ll see how they’ve acted as artistic muse for dozens of our talented friends and fans.

This inaugural issue features some of BBMT’s most mysterious, magical, and other worldly puppets. From the Green Witch to the Purple People Eater, these marionettes have loomed large in the  traditions of generations of Los Angeles families and we are delighted to present them in a totally new, two dimensional form for you today. 

With every purchase of this 32 page zine, you’re helping to support the people and the puppets of this most wonderful place.

About the Store: Bob Baker Marionette Theater’s mission is to educate, celebrate, and inspire imagination through puppetry and the allied arts.

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