Manifest Crystals

Southeast Los Angeles, CA


High vibrational & spiritual sanctuary

Handcrafted products

Latinx-, BIPOC-, & LGBTQIA+-owned

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"My ancestors were healers, entrepreneurs, artists, artisans, and wholehearted people, and I'm grateful to be guided by them."



"I started Manifest Crystals after a personal healing journey connecting with Crystals and tapping into my intuition. After a commitment to understanding my Spiritual Journey and personal healing journey I realized my role in having to share my experience, love and light with others. I am now committed to my healing journey and holding space for many as I create intuitively and intentionally handcrafted items. Manifest Crystals has created a sub brand within itself known as Manifest Candles, allowing me to create Fixed Intention Candles that benefit their owner's entire existence.

Everything involving Manifest Crystals is done for the highest and greatest good, evoking a sense of hope, love and desire to create one's life with intention. My ancestors were healers, entrepreneurs, artists, artisans, and wholehearted people and I’m guided by their journey.”

Manifest crystals founders Anthony Paniagua and Jorge Navarette on abstract yellow background

Manifest Crystals