Elique Organics

Taut Crème des Yeux Eye Cream



Elisha never believed in eye creams, their lofty claims or lofty price tags but when her clients began asking for one, she delivered with Taut, an easy to appreciate crème des yeux that hydrates, protects and moisturizes the eye area and from what her client’s say also brightens and de-puffs it (claims she rarely believed about other eye creams). When her Paris set called Taut Magic “C’est magique!” it was pretty obvious that this was a special product indeed. .5 oz. Scent Is faint, formed from our simple and pure botanical ingredients.

About the Store: Elique Organics creates simple, luxurious and effective skin care products made with superior quality ingredients that are healthy for your skin and sustainable for the health of the planet.

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