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Pampered pH – Beautifying Plant & Floral Waters



Hydrosols topically hydrate, beautify, firm and invigorate the skin while softening any rough edges along the way. The more you use them in your skin care routine (pressing them onto the skin with open palms and also cleansing the face/neck with them) the more your skin will come alive and prove that simple beauty is indeed the absolute best beauty.

PLEASE NOTE: Elique Organics has impeccable standards when it comes to sourcing our hydrosols and while some may be adamant about theirs being preserved, Elisha believe after decades of working with hydrosols that it is how they are distilled, handled, packaged and stored along with their already low acid pH that will make for a stable and reliable product. Always refrigerate or add a few drops of high quality rum or vodka to your hydrosols for longevity of your product.

About the Store: Elique Organics creates simple, luxurious and effective skin care products made with superior quality ingredients that are healthy for your skin and sustainable for the health of the planet.

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