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Elique Organics

Venice, CA


Sustainable, luxury skin care brand

Food-based formulations

BIPOC- & woman-owned

skincare crème oils & honeys beautifying waters scrubs haircare

"I am a strong, a bi-racial mixed Jew from New York City with a strong point of view. I created my brand at a time when no one was making anything like what I had in my head but I kept going. I represent anyone who has been told that they 'can't do that' but know they can and they do."



“It was 1991 when I had the vision to create a truly food-based, natural and organic luxury skin care line. Since then I went to school to study esthetics, moved to Los Angeles, opened an award-winning salon in Venice/Abbot Kinney for 7 years and made products for my facial clients. It is only this past year that I am able to focus 100% on my brand and introduce it to an audience beyond my established base.”

elique organics founder Elisha Reverby on an abstract white blob background

Elique Organics


304 Westminster Avenue, Venice, CA 90291


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(424) 361-8100