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Con Todo Press

Los Angeles, CA


Local publishing company


Bridging the gap between communities of color and children's books

childen's books baby books bilingual learning bi-cultural history female empowerment

"ANYTHING is possible with hustle and heart."



From Owner, Naibe Reynoso “I have been in business since 2018. I started this brand because as a mom, I wanted to fill the gap in the publishing industry for books that celebrated Latino leaders and culture. I am passionate about uplifting my community and instilling cultural pride in my community.

The "Con Todo" in my company name Con Todo Press- means "giving it your all" - and my logo is a flexed muscle with a heart in the middle. I created this company with hustle and heart, and I hope to inspire others to follow their passions too! ANYTHING is possible with hustle and heart."

con todo press founder naibe reynoso over an abstract white background

Con Todo Press